Kantor Sekretariat PGRI Kab. Bondowoso, pada Kamis, 7 Januari 2020 kedatangan tamu dari Tim Radar Jember, yang terdriri dari Aro Pimpinanan Redaksi dan Huda sebagai jurnalis. Dalam pertemuan yang berlangsung  akrab dan santai ini, membahas penjajagan kerjasama PGRI Bondowoso dengan Radar Jember terkait pengembangan literasi bagi teman-teman guru, khusunya dalam publikasi ilmiah berupa artikel ilmiah populer di Radar Jember. Radar Jember memberikan apresiasi dan membuka kesempatan lebar-lebar untuk hal tersebut.


  1. Uninstaller ProKey Ecurity
    Uninstaller ProKey Ecurity software simply removes an installed program from the hard drive. Removing program files and System Registry Entries that are occupied by a program can improve your PC’s speed and stability. Uninstaller ProKey Ecurity is a leading software to uninstall Adware, Spyware, Browser Hijackers, Browser Errors from infected PCs. This software will remove or fix the damaged Adware that is blocking the desktop.

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  2. The OBJ format is used for 3D modeling purposes with example using PolyGon to create a 3D model and importing it later.OBJ is a file format that is used to represent a 3D model as a vector file. An OBJ file is composed of a body of data containing information about the model’s geometry. To exchange the OBJ file’s body of data between different software packages you need to install the OBJ Importer in the program to

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  3. Send proxy server allows for use of internet in internet filtering service. Required URL, IP address and port etc. can be saved as the proxy server. You can add or remove proxies as you require. More details in settings.

    A highly advanced tool to search and report various sites for any website links that cause DNS resolution failures. It helps in finding and removing urls designed to cause DNS resolution failures.
    √ Advanced Script engine to scan and report urls for DNS

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  4. It is a hasslefree solution that enables you to remotely fix and save lots of money in the process.
    Mounting failures typically happen due to loose or worn screws. One of the first troublemakers in such a case would be a so called “bottom bracket”. It is the part that attaches the chainstays to the bottom bracket shell. The chainstays are the necessary parts to keep the wheels rolling.
    Depending on the bike brand, the bottom bracket shell could

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  5. The app is extremely efficient, and it only requires access to internet connection in order to function properly.
    To help you save time while communicating to DBC files, the CANSniffer application saves statistical information about the microcontroller during analysis. You can, for instance, save images, time and errors for each microcontroller that make up the CAN bus.
    All in all, a great tool for anyone that wants to receive, store and share ECU files in a simple but extremely effective

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  6. ■ Reboot & shutdown options.
    ■ Additional transparency options.
    Another story of the Four Alchemists based on the Chinese Media!
    2013 is quite a memorable year for me for 2 reasons. It marked the release of many of my “rough drafts”, firstly, the PC build I used to develop them. Then, it’s the year I joined Compu Lab X to work for a company that manufactures PCBs for the European ASI market.

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  7. It’s also equipped with useful charts that help you to quickly change your exchange rates.
    A solution for users with Windows 8, 8.1, 10 ( 32-bit).
    Key Features
    Simple and easy-to-use interface
    Great currency converter
    Advanced chart’s scrolling feature
    Designed for touchscreen devices
    Modern UI design
    More currencies can be added
    More help related to your result can be achieved
    An active language support with skype call widget and in-app updates

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  8. The statements in this section merely provide background information related to the present disclosure and may not constitute prior art.
    In recent years, exhaust gas of internal combustion engine has been publicly acknowledged as a factor that causes environmental pollution. Thus, efforts to reduce exhaust emissions have been steadily increased.
    A known exhaust system which is used to perform such efforts is an exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system which recirculates a part or all of the exhaust gas discharged through an exhaust manifold back to

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  9. It works either as a standalone program with a clean graphical interface and a low-size folder size, as a part of another software suite due to its compatibility with almost any type of web browser. So, you can easily use it right at the comfort of your PC and perform its most basic and advanced functions.

    QA-Test-Finisher (QTF) is a handy utility, designed to check the overall quality of your apps submitted to the quality measurement devices, like scam scan

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  10. This can be dissatisfying for those who are looking for more precise and robust functions and features.
    You can also download this free time clock software

    Meetfaster can help you find and book an accommodation for business, corporate, holiday travel, family or any kind of travel. This software is the fastest way to book hotels, flights, and car rentals and get the best price. Record your travel itinerary, keep track of your expenses, and share it all with your colleagues via the cloud. Plan your next trip in a convenient way.
    Picture is of Meetfaster User Interface:
    – Automatically book

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  11. Download the free version of SearchIt and try it out. If the results are satisfactory, it would be a great option for those who don’t have to be bothered with the complexity or overkill of a utility like FileAxe.

    AutoSteam is a simple and popular freeware for the Windows that cleans the duplicates and various unnecessary files from the system, stops the processes that consume system resources, adds/removes shortcuts, and removes programs and extensions for safe and convenient use.

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  12. World Time and Date is a post 2005 Crystal Reports 7.0 add-on.

    The add-on updates files previous. Date – Local, Time – Local and World – Local.

    What’s New in This Release:

    Version 2.12 is now available for download. Version 2.12 brought in few new features in reporting and updations to plugins and added new one button method. The post in detail below below.
    If you are having any issues with

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  13. In order for you to apply the tool, just download and install the managed libraries, and choose what kind of the processes you may want to create. In this way, you will be able to benefit from adding another native application to your arsenal.Alphascreen was featured on CNET’s top apps of the week.

    The parade of keynotes droned on in mine, one after the other, each giant, blue-inked booming that seemed to fall more or

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  14. The program will also help you overcome the infection, as it provides you with the possibility of running the intended version of an anti-ransomware utility after the problem has been detected. Of course, if the ransomware has already been on your machine, you might have to manually delete it. McAfee goes as far as to outline the security risks that such a situation entails.
    McAfee Ransomware Decryption Tool gives you the guarantee that your encrypted files are safe, as long as you

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  15. File size
    MPEG Player can play almost all.mpg and.mpeg video files out there. We tested the utility’s functionality with several video samples ranging from a few megabytes to nearly 30GB.
    Resulting in different playback times, depending on the file size.
    Besides, you can customise the interface from font, size and layout to options that control the audio.
    MPEG Player is compatible with all.mpg and.mpeg files out there.
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  16. This package comes with a ready-to-use examples configuration on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, and single running executable which can be customized to match the requirements of using this application in different environments.
    The package includes:
    – Windows installer package – for installing and configuring the application (SpamAssassin in a Box).
    – The application executable (SpamAssassin.exe)
    – Windows Services package to enable user’s control of this application
    – Optional package that includes
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  17. The app recognizes 80+ languages, so you can happily edit notes in Hungarian or Javanese, without having to worry about whether your notes look good in both places.
    Meet nimblenote
    You can install the app from the Google Play Store or F-Droid. I have to say, I do really like F-Droid for it’s open-source policy (and for being frickin’ awesome in general) and it’s stock market.
    Quick Tip
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  18. Key Features of Pika Website Builder:
    – WYSIWYG design
    – Google search engine friendly
    – Mobile device-optimized design
    – Includes more than 40 downloadable templates for you to choose from
    – Powerful interface to create a stunning website
    – Professional design options
    – No previous coding knowledge is required
    – Needs absolutely no HTML or programming skills
    – Save time with easy editing and previewing
    – The output is compatible with all the popular web browsers
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  19. ■ Yahoo! Widget Images
    ■ Corel Painter 8 or later required to create Image Sketches as well as any MP3s included with the download.
    Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and IOS 5 (iOS 5.1 does not work)
    How To Install (4.21 MB)

    Displays the current weather outside at the factory setting of your location
    as well as device settings location (if available)
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  20. Key features include:

    Christian holidays of any year

    The day of New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, and Christmas Day,


    A 7 day window, 1 year low and/or high years, 31 days of a year, 365 days in total… thats a lot of years you can search for your special event (Easter Date, Christmas Date, Birthday, Anniversary, etc)

    Predictive Year Values for
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  21. The metadata and their hierarchical structure are described using the standard data models on the XDS consortium

    The MetaMaster licensing model is mainly about the “provisioning” or “per-usage” of the software.
    A usage / license key is needed to be activated prior to using the MetaMaster Software.
    A typical MetaMaster Usage type is defined by a unique combination between a Usage Code and a License Type.
    With a usage key that covers one Licence Type / Usage Code
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  22. Water Caution is an ideal screensaver for those who are health conscious or live within a crystal clear water source. Enjoy mesmerizing water waves, dolphins and sea birds in this calming water scene Screensaver. Just click on the bubbles!… Read more

    The Pretty Pets series are cute and friendly animals that bring an enchanting beauty to the screen with their sweet smiles and twinkling eyes. They are active, playful and alert, with a distinctive and distinctive pattern of movement. ThePretty
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  23. HEY! App will not run on older OS and require IE8 or later browser.
    Please select a language from the list above.

    The Spirit of the Game Media Center features the most popular sports and events on television, as well as unprecedented access to all the greatest players. We’ll give you the latest facts, stats, scores, news and a chance to send your guests home with the latest team gear. And it’s all the most up-to-date
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  24. However, if you’d rather leave it on the shelf for a while, you’ll have to settle for less impressive functions.


    It doesn’t include a package installer for installation on Windows machines, which is kind of the point of a hot key launcher.
    Link “15 Windows Hotkeys – Free & Easy”. They tell you pretty much the same.
    Also look at AutoIt script
    How do I bring up/open a file with a
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  25. Stanbic IBTC SA

    Stanbic IBTC is a South African bank holding company that owns Stanbic Bank Limited, Stanbic Bank (Netherlands) BV and Stanbic Bank International Limited. The latter has its headquarters in London, England. It is a member of the Standard Bank Group, which is in turn owned by the South African bank, the South African Reserve Bank.

    Corporate history
    The company originated from a merger in 1989 between
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  26. Template-Free is a power-packed template design tool. Created with simplicity in mind, its powerful tools let you create professional websites or online stores using various aspects of design, from the color scheme to interactivity.
    Light and versatile interface
    The application comes with a sleek, yet simple interface. You see a large and vibrant logo at the top of the main view, while your template can be dragged and dropped on a page.
    Everything you need is there, such as the prototyp
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  27. There was little doubt that Mario Balotelli would be leaving the San Siro later this month when his contract expires, especially as Milan start a new season at the bottom of the Serie A table.

    Balotelli has shown glimpses of his best form since moving to Milan in the summer of 2010 after a frenzied pursuit by then-Inter president and now Napoli coach, Rafa Benitez.

    The introduction of Ronaldinho and Zlatan Ibrahimovic last
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    AppUpdater is a utility designed to allow you to check for updated versions of your apps in the Windows Store. It is lightweight, simple and effective. The user can explore all offered apps to check for updates and the newest downloads are automatically installed. The main window of this app contains a table (although you can choose to display all entries as a tree view) with detailed information abou